Your Intelligent 24/7 Live Support Agent.

Unlike your support team, chatbots don’t need any sleep. When a customer needs assistance, your company can be there, even outside of normal business hours.

Why Chat Bot?

Gone are the days of waiting for the consumer to fill out and submit a contact form and wait for a response.

Lead Generation

The Chat bot can ask the related and necessary questions, persuade other user and generate a lead for you. Providing credible advice based on their preferences.

Customer Engagement

It's important to keep your customer engaged with your brand. Chatbots can contribute by making the engagement more interactive- usually with a great sense of humor.

Fast & Optimized

Chatbot allows your business to scale up without having to worry about multiplying incoming request to be handled. This chatbot guide will get you to expert-level fast.

Save Time and Money

Implementing chatbots is an investment, which helps your businesses to optimize customer service costs & saves extra costs of adding more agents. Hiring agents means additional costs and time. The costs may be in terms of Salaries, Training, Infrastructure.

Offer instant responses 24/7

Most businesses would like to service their customers constantly, but that's often not possible due to lack of personnel or resources. Chatbots though, are always 'on' and can cater to your customers whether it’s morning, afternoon or after midnight.

Grow Business

Using chatbot to grow your business, whether it’s to help existing customers, acquire customers, or build brand awareness, is becoming increasingly popular and is only going to grow more, with 80% of companies are planning to implement some type of chatbot by 2021.

How it works



Register New Account

You need to Signup with TulipBot & provide the business flow information.



We Execute Chatbot

Once you provide Business chat flow, We will implement the Chatbot.



Chatbot Live

You need to paste the HTML Code into your website & Chatbot alive for 24/7.



Classy interface & Responsive Design.

Powerful Admin Panel, Monitor the visitors on your website using Tulip Chatbot

Automate Processes
Clean & Modern Design
Multi-Device Testing
great User Experience
Creative Layout
100% Fully Responsive







A Straight Forward Structare for Powerful Automation Results.

Benefits of Using a Chatbot in Your Business
  • - Offer a Welcoming Experience
  • - Straightforward Services
  • - Chatbots Have Potential
  • - Cut down on Human Errors
  • - Save Time and Money
  • - Help Grow Your Business
  • - Higher Customer Satisfaction
  • - Emphasize the Company's Brand and Image


Business Strategy

Build a Bot That Fits Your Business Strategy and Shares Your Values and Goals


Audience / Goal

To define the purpose or goal for your chatbot strategy, begin with the end in mind.

Build Chatbot

When building the conversation strategy, it’s important to consider which experiences, features and audiences will perform best on which chat platforms.

Analyze the Analytics

Analytics allow you to analyze how real customers are interacting with your chatbot. This allows you to improve your chatbot tremendously.

Pricing Plans

Choose your plan to Getting Started


₹ 999


100 Chat Sessions/Month

30 days of Storage Data

Tech Support




1000 Chat Sessions/Month

90 days of Storage Data

Tech Support

Manage Leads Status

Graph Reports


CSV Export




10000 Chat Sessions

180 days of Storage Data

Tech Support

Manage Leads Status

Graph Reports


CSV Export


Let's Talk


Unlimited Chat Sessions

Unlimited storage

Tech Support

Manage Leads Status

Graph Reports


CSV Export

Remove Branding